Stone Island Acid Wash AW21

When I acid wash clothing on a small scale, I use a bottle of bleach and the bathtub. Tie the item up with elastic bands and then cover the piece in bleach. It’s really simple, gives you a bit of a headrush if you don’t open the windows or put on the extraction, and makes your clothes look great (most of the time – I have had a few bad results, mind).

Anyway, how do they do it on a larger scale? I’m not sure. They can’t just have a giant vat full of bleach… can they? Do they pick straws for whose turn it is to do the acid washing each day? There’s probably a decent investigative documentary on it somewhere. If there isn’t, we’ll make one.

Shop Stone Island’s AW21 at John Anthony, where you can buy this beautiful acid wash t-shirt in garment-dyed cotton (that’s our first investigative lead).

Shop Stone Island at John Anthony.

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