Stone Island at Wellgosh

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If you need an excuse to get out of the house this weekend then how about a trip to see our mates at Wellgosh in Leicester? Yes I know they’re online but if you want to check out their latest Stone Island drop then you’ll have to physically go in the store and use the special code words ‘show me the Stoney’ as it’s not available on their site. OK you don’t have to use a codeword but you do have to go in the shop which is never a bad thing is it? If you;ve yet to visit the store it’s an impressive set up with some serious floor space donated to the finest menswear on the planet. So get off your arse/phone this weekend and pretend it’s the 1990s by going to see some S.I. in the flesh at Wellgosh, 34 High street, Leicester LE1 5YN.



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