Stone Island Gilet at Aphrodite

Just like the immense versatility that an overshirt might possess, gilets too hold the same in-between, middle of the road stance. Ideal for layering all year round when you require that added swatch of warmth, these sleeveless structures seamlessly save the day when the weather can’t make its mind up and as most of us are British folk here, we all know the perils of unpredictable forecasts a little too well. 

This Stone Island gilet, available now at Aphrodite, is guised in a dependable black colourway with evenly distributed, insulating padding throughout. Of course, without sleeves, the brand’s signature compass emblem falls this time to the hip for a unique touch, while three handy and secure pockets reside to the base for a plethora of your daily must-haves.

Find this while stocks last (not for long) at Aphrodite.

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