Stone Island Hooded Down Jacket in Orange

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We’re currently negotiating that uncertain spot between the end of summer and the start of autumn, or fall, if you’re that way inclined. This means we’re throwing furtive looks towards around the middle of September, when Big Jacket Weather (c) begins to rise from hibernation, yet we’re also hoping the t-shirt weather remains. Only this morning, I rode my bike in 19 degree weather, despite there being that frizzy rain in the air. What a mess.

I almost prefer winter. You know where you are with winter. You dress for it being quite cold and potentially a bit wet. No concerns about that t-shirt that shows your sweat patches, no awkward glances in the mirror to see if a baseball cap makes you look better or worse. No wistful glances at the wardrobe to your favourite jacket which is simply too warm to wear just yet. No sunglasses to sit on.

When you start to have your attention turned from the sale rail to the forthcoming season it’s standout items like this which demand you take a closer look. Available from Slam Jam Socialism, this jacket is quite literally a beacon of style. Your visibility on those dark nights need not be an issue, while the sheer quality will keep you lovely and warm (yet also cool!) for as long as you need it.

Winter is coming, it’s just taking its time.

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I had pizza for tea.

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