Stone Island Knows about the Angles

This is a really niche one and I have no apologies about it. Does anyone remember that meme (maybe pre-meme) video that went viral on YouTube, called something like MySpace Angles, with the phrase “It’s all about the angles”? If you don’t, Google tells me that MySpace angles is itself a thing. It’s all about “photographing yourself at a particular angle for the sake of obscuring one’s own facial flaws.” In the video, various people gass over the image of a girl on MySpace before realising that she’s obscured herself through tactical photography. The video has probably aged badly – so have I, I guess – MySpace?! – but nonetheless: It’s all about the angles.

The designer of this Stone Island jumper knew the above mantra. “What can we do to this pocket, team?” shouts Mr. Head Designer. They all paused. The clock ticked with a slow intensity. Silently, in the corner, a hand goes up and a mouth opens: “angle it, sir.” 

Genius. Rome wasn’t built in a day and the world wasn’t saved in a night – fashion was, though. The angle is great, you can’t deny it. 

Check out this Stone Island jumper with a subtly angled pocket on the left breast at Pockets. (Nice coincidence, there). 

Stone Island at Pockets. 

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