Collectable Colours, Analogue Shopping and Stone Island

Oi Polloi gets its hands on Stone Island SS22. 

There aren’t that many places in the world where you can find and touch new release Stone Island. But fortunately, our own Oi Polloi is one of them, which means that you can take it back to analogue and head into the store to rough up the jackets in person – like they did in the good old days. There’s no better way, after all, to understand a jacket than to touch it and find the details. In this day and age, it’s quite a sentimental notion, really, to engage with a piece of clothing in person, to put it in a bag and to leave a shop with it. Don’t get me wrong, the dopamine hit related to parcels magically appearing at your door is almost on equal terms with the “outside, black Audi” text, but it’s different. Analogue shopping and digital shopping both have their charms. 

And Stone Island’s SS22 has its fair share of charms, too. Just look at those pastel colour tones below. Oi Polloi has grabbed some of the best bits of SI’s new collection, like this rose quartz smock that has more than a dash of sunshine-laden softness stitched into the seams. 

The rest of the range beams just as bright, reminding you that while SI has associations with the grey and murky skies above the terrace, it’s a different story on the continent. Paninaros loved bright colours, and many of the vividly coloured pieces that Stone released throughout the years were often only available on the continent, in the stores of Rome and Milan, making the standout coloured pieces highly prized amongst collectors, and pushing others to replicate them by dyeing pieces and reselling them. Osti himself was often spotted in exclusive bright reds and purples.

Head to Oi Polloi’s site – or, of course, head in-store – to browse the full range.

Stone Island at Oi Polloi.

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