Stone Island Overshirt – Iridescent Blue

If Elon Musk and his aerospace company Space X has anything to do with it, space tourism could become viable sooner than you may think. And if we’re all planning on launching lickety-split into the great unknown, what better way to do it than in space-age Stone Island style.

Forming part of the Stone Island AW20 collection, this iridescent overshirt will radiate rocket fuel in the new season. Donning a shimmery shade of periwinkle, the design comes constructed from a blend of shiny nylon warp yarns and pigmented polyester weft yarns; the imbalance of these weft and warp yarns allows for a 3-D surface finish. 

The lustrous piece is then signed off with a zip-through fastening and split kangaroo pocket – so whether you’re staying firmly put on Earth or heading straight to the moon and back, rest assured – all your essentials can buckle up and take the journey with you.

Find the Stone Island Overshirt in periwinkle online at Aphrodite.

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