Stone Island Shadow Project Ripstop DPM Anorak

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Looking like something a violent monk would wear on a boating holiday, this Shadow Projects anorak from Stone Island is basically the kind of thing I live for.

It’s ostensibly a pullover jacket made in a single layer ripstop blend of cotton and nylon, finished with a combination of dévoré and pigment print. It’s overdyed and it’s just generally absolutely gorgeous. Should I find myself with the better part of a thousand pounds to spend I’ll be sure to channel it into the tills of Pockets, who have this in several colours.

Seriously though, it’s jackets like this that encourage me to work harder and longer. You can keep your holiday home in Provence, your weekend getaway on the North Yorkshire coast, your skiing trips thrice yearly and your awful trophy Mrs. All I need is one of these and I can die happy.

Available as previously stated, at Pockets.

See the full complement of Stone Island Shadow Project at Pockets here.

I had pizza for tea.

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