Stone Island SS’14


The incoming Stone Island collection for the fairer months of the year looks more colourful than a bag of Skittles. And I love Skittles, me.

Orange parkas, teal sweatshirts, blue shorts and all manner of purple jackets in lightweight, waterproof and breathable materials such as the TC Membrana and what looks suspiciously like an Ice Jacket.

If  you have a penchant for varying types of brightly dyed garments and fabrics with a certain detachable badge on the left arm, then there are a few treats landing in the coming months that could be right up your strada (Italian for street that #culturevulture).

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  1. Smile… I guess it is a living. But what a waste of talent and resources.

  2. Never, ever, trust people that Photoshop the same face from one look to the next.

  3. admin

    Busted! We’d have gotten away with selling shit to the retarded working class if it wasn’t for you Andrew! FOILED AGAIN!

    N.B. We genuinely like Stone Island, you don’t, no big deal

  4. As I point and laugh at what can be best described as the biggest joke in fashion. Obviously this kinda of crap is going to take up space in landfill (sorry retailers like Oi polloi) alongside other offensive and dull brands. The question is – why? The answer centres on old men with the perception that if you laugh at them wearing/stocking this crap it acceptable to “bottle” you. Or maybe it’s a big cash cow for retailers with the retarded working class wanting this nylon shit.

    N.B I starting to think proper magazine is no longer a reference point for “cool” brands, it’s becoming a channel to sell shit to what they perceive as retarded working class

  5. James Brennan

    I know a fair few will scream blasphemy here, but I honestly dont get stone island these days. Perhaps it is a victim of it’s own success and has been imitated by lesser companies to the point were I now associate it with snide gear, but it all looks like the cheap and tacky gear you’d find in the market. Plastering a logo across the chest of a garment is just about the most unstylish thing I can think of. For me, the whole range stumbles from offensive to dull and uninteresting. Pioneering brand it may have been, nowadays it just gets in the way of more relevant brands on the shelves of oi polloi and the like. Reminds me of lionel blair on big brother. Loads of young idiots giving awkward, overblown respect to an old relic just because they feel they should but never quite understanding why.
    So, to recap- im not keen.

  6. Stone Island are always one of the first to ship their collections out to retailers.

    You can find out which online stores stock Stone Island and click straight through to their website using our Search Tool

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