Stussy AW18 at WCH

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You can always rely on Stussy to keep things interesting can’t you? An enticing mix of work,street and sports wear that makes you wish you’d been born in California and practised more down the skate-park instead of just drinking WKD, smoking dodgy looking roll-ups and showing off to girls. For me Working Class Heroes are a store that epitomise the Stussy vibe in that they like to have a good time and they’re miles better than me at skate-boarding. Which is perhaps why, whenever I’m after some Stussy pieces I head over to their site to see which pieces they’ve chosen to sell each season. For AW18 it’s a colourful mix of purple fleece and velveteen floral jungle jackets teamed up with classic logo tees, work shirts, sweats and coach jackets to make for a super strong range of reassuringly rad garms.

Shop the AW18 Stussy range at Working Class Heroes here.


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