Stussy FW21 at Wellgosh

Wellgosh has highlighted some key bits from Stussy’s FW21 release and paired them beautifully with what might be one of the hottest shoe silhouettes around right now: the beatnik. This time, it’s an upgraded beatnik inspired by M-65 jacket liners, complete with a quilted upper, which goes towards facilitating the use of beatniks in colder, wetter months. Fame and enthusiasm is often dangerous though, as I’ve seen numerous people voice a warning that the beatnik might soon be run into the ground. Do repeated collaborations, colourways and rollouts go towards establishing a shoe’s status or does such an isolated hype compromise the shoe itself? 

Anyway, this is about Stussy. A standout piece from the collection is undoubtedly the Sherpa Shirt, a stripey and cosy overshirt made of thick polyester fleece and with a polar fleece lining. The light blue still works over darker colours, like this Utopia t-shirt, with a graphic that builds on some of Stussy’s nuanced ethical commitments of one-love, one-heart and one-worldliness. The message is commendable, though, causing us to ask when “the planet will be too hot for humans?” This fresh, virgin cotton t-shirt then concedes, in a similar amount of words: very soon, which is both ironic and true. 

Other key pieces include a beanie, pants with a commendable amount of pockets – the lack of which is always something that irritates me about smarter trousers – and a coach jacket that is both classic, smart and extremely versatile. The Stussy throw-up logo reminds everyone that you’re about it while still remaining dapper. 

See a broader range over at Wellgosh’s shop.

Stussy and more at Wellgosh.

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