A Closer at Stussy Summer 22 Drop

Your go-to for summer streetwear.

Stussy has been making waves in the fashion scene ever since it was founded on the shores of Laguna Beach back in 1980. Pairing graphic print tees with Shawn Stussy’s iconic graffiti logo has long proved popular for the Cali based brand as it found itself defining the apparel of street culture; from hip hop artists to old-school mc’s, surfers to skaters, everybody was wearing Stussy. 

So, for their Summer 2022 range, Stussy has taken to the good ol’ saying “if it isn’t broken don’t fix it”.

The collection will launch at Aphrodite Clothing on the 27th of May and features a range of sought-after graphic tees, lounge-worthy hoodies and quality summer shorts. 

Stussy Summer 22 at Aphrodite

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