Stussy ‘The Crown’ Pigment Dyed T-Shirt

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Maybe it’s my time of life or maybe it’s because I’m always ‘bang on trend’ but whatever the reason I’ve recently taken to wearing a combination of baggy, pin-rolled fatigues, Air Max and graphic printed tees. I’m basically regressing back to a mid-90s jungle look and to be perfectly honest I’m pretty happy with my progress so far. It’s a simple look and the only thing I really need is a regular rotation of appropriate t-shirts which is why this this pigment dyed beauty from Stussy has caught my eye. It’s exactly the type of thing you can imagine Goldie wearing whilst waltzing into the Blue Note back in the day and therefore exactly what I’m after. Though I don’t mind if you get one too, you can be the drum to my bass.

Buy a Stussy Crown t-shirt at Wellgosh here.


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