Suicoke SS15

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We’re all totally ok with the socks and sandals combo now then?

Whether it’s not really for you, or you embrace the pairing like a long lost brother, it’s a strong look. Ralph Lauren wears them, though we understand if you’re reticent in Rotherham or reluctant in Rochdale.

Ditch the socks if you like. British Summertime officially begins in just a few weeks and if you’ve got an ounce of foresight you’ll already be stocking up on vacuum pack bags for your big coats, and giving your wardrobe a little dusting down ready for dressing like a jaded surfer who quite likes burgers.

Suicoke crept onto our radar via that Norse Projects collab last year. What made them all the more desirable was the limited nature of them. While they retain tight distribution, there are now a handful of UK stockists so it’s game on. I’m well getting a pair, me. I’m going to put some pink Wigwam socks on underneath them, then go and saunter through the centre of Stockport, hoping someone says something nasty about them, so I can Tweet it. The life of a provincial fashion blogger, right there.

Maybe I’ll just wear them without socks after all. I’m going to get the khaki ones to go with the pram I’ll be pushing around. Does this count as Dad Style? I think perhaps it does.

Have a look on the Suicoke website for more info and tell them we sent you.

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I had pizza for tea.

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