Summer Days Staten Island (Christine Osinski)

Osinski.Two Girls with Matching Outfits

Much as I love gawping at all the amazing #TBT photos that exist on instagram, sitting down with a nice hardback and an un-opened packet of hobnobs will always beat glimpsing at your phone whilst surrounded by (badly dressed) commuters on some horrific form of public transport.  A perfect example being Christine Osinski’s ‘Summer Days Staten Island’ which in many ways resembles the DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s ‘Summertime’ video if it had been directed by Anton Corbijn. Just imagine that. Actually you don’t have to, you can buy this book.  These haunting photos were all taken between 1983-84 and feature a peaceful suburban landscape that’s somewhat at odds with the cliched image we have of NYC’s boroughs during that turbulent era. It’ll particularly surprise you if you’ve seen true-crime film ‘Cropsey’ and like me considered Staten ISland to be a 100% terrifying place to be throughout the entire 1980s. In fact I think my only complaint about this fantastic book is that there aren’t any shots of Method Man back when he was known as Method Boy out playing stick ball with Young Dirty Bastard and the other Wu-Tang lads.

Get off instagram for five minutes and go buy yourself a copy here.

Osinski. Two Boys with Automobile

Osinski. Young Man with Go-Kart

Osinski. Young Woman Cutting Grass


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