(Non) Essential Summer Hiking Gear for Hiking Enthusiasts 

We’ve been hiking once or twice and therefore we’ve got loads of useful inside knowledge to share with you about the lightest chair you can carry, stylish ways to transport water, and portable espressos – all perfect items for summer hiking.

Since the inception of Proper Mag in 2006, we’ve been dishing out knowledge on hiking and outdoor-related pursuits, sharing information about the origins of Gore-Tex, and getting annoyed at people for appropriating gorpcore. As a magazine that represents the North, we’ve always been into big jackets, waterproofs and all that jazz, and these interests have naturally extended to encompass all the other accoutrements associated with hiking. We’ve put together a selection of some useful bits for the next weekend’s summer hiking trip. 

Helinox Ridgeline Walking Poles 

I know, I know. Walking poles? Really? I used to think that myself, but who can deny the freedom (not to mention joy) associated with a big walking stick? Trekking around with a big wooden staff? Walking poles are like that – except they’re of changeable lengths, pack into themselves, and the tungsten-carbide/rubber construction feels futuristic. Honestly – walking poles are severely underrated. 

Klattermusen 15L Bure Backpack

summer hiking

Scandinavia’s chief outdoor export, Klattermusen, knows what they’re doing. Imagine taking a day bag and reinforcing it with Kevlar – just to increase the durability of the material without compromising the structure. That’s what Klattermusen have done for this 15L backpack. There’s also compression straps and webbing for attachments, and a plethora of pockets. 

Hikerdelic x Klean Kanteen Water Bottle 

summer hiking

Hydration is key, we all know that. But you know what else is key? Branded water bottles – so you can get the perfect Instagram pic when you photo dump your favourite hiking pictures and tag all your favourite hiking moodboards. We’re a bit biased towards Hikerdelic, but what a clever pun. Great branding. Great work. 

Wacaco Nanopress Espresso Machine

Sure, you can transport coffee in an insulated bottle, but the fun of setting up an espresso machine outdoors, with the sun glowing down on your skin is unmatched. Plus, as the smell of coffee fills your nose, you get to relish in the satisfaction of producing a nice thick crema on the top. Now you just need somewhere to sit… 

Helinox Chair One

summer hiking

Helinox’s Chair One is the best out there. It breaches a hundred quid, so don’t take it anywhere it’ll get nicked (no festivals for this one), but it’s entirely worth it: it folds up into the same size as a sleeping bag, and it weighs just under a kilogram. With freedom like that, you can pop-up anywhere.

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