Sub-Supping Sunshine Schmutter

Oi Polloi lands a range of sunshine-summoning sartorial stuffing. 

sunshine schmutter

Oi Polloi know how easy it is to sound like a dreadful cider advert as soon as you start describing summer fun with whimsical nostalgic elements. 

But it isn’t exactly a stretch to argue that summer is pretty good. Even the bad things like “getting chomped by midges until your skin starts to resemble Lego has its charms.” 

And then there’s “beer garden reverie… aimless wandering through golden meadows… embarrassing tan-lines… almost burning down the local woodland zone with a cheap disposable BBQ…” 

For all these scenarios, you’ll be needing some fun-loving garments that shout summer at the top of their fabric-laden voices. 

Some of Oi Polloi’s sunshine schmutter suggestions include open Universal Works shirts, tote bags, sunglasses and textured socks that look great with slides

Sunshine Schmutter at Oi Polloi.

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