Sunspel, Christmas Under-Crackers

The perennial Christmas gift… the sock, the gift set… underpants. Ah yes, underpants. The oft-unseen and rarely regarded rig out item. No point showing off your extra special alpaca and cashmere winter knitwear, your handmade moccasins and your £1000 Cabourn jacket if you’ve not come correct underneath the layers.

That’s where Sunspel arrives to your aid. For the uncompromising gent who favours the finer things in life. The kind of bloke who never intends to show off about how ace his undies are – that’d be weird – but takes quiet pleasure from the fact he’s considerably smarter than you because his sartorial superiority stretches to the nth degree.

Basically if you’ve not got a pair or three of these you’re a bad scruff. Sort it out.

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