Sunspel Towelling Camp Collar S/S Shirt

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If you’re compiling a list of summer holiday essentials, alongside after sun, true crime novels and sunglasses you need to make a space for some Sunspel gear. No sun based sojourn is complete without some of this classic English attire and whilst they’re boxers and crew tees are well loved classics they also keep things interesting with pieces such as this towelling ‘camp collar’ short sleeve shirt. Made from high quality and immensely tactile terry towelling it features a ‘camp style’ fastened button placket which sits it firmly in ‘Tony Soprano enjoying a calippo by the pool territory’. Being made from towelling it’ll also come in handy if the kids have robbed your towel after a swim too.

Buy a Sunspel Towelling Camp Collar S/S Shirt from Peggs & Son here.


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