Superga 2390 Cotu Classic

I wonder how all the numbers that Superga use for their various shoes come about and what do they actually mean? I’m asking this rhetorical question because thanks to Oi Polloi the Superga 2390 is about to be resurrected and I feel like I need to know more. I mean sure it’s a swell looking plimsoll but it’s Italian good looks aren’t enough for me, I literally want to know what the score is. The only info I do have is that these superb Supergas were originally made for military training so if dated Italian stereotypes are anything to go by then they’ll be excellent for running (away) in.  But what is 2390 about? Answers on a postcard to Neil at Proper HQ, just behind Yummy house chippy, Ancoats M4.

The Superga 2390 Cotu Classic ae available from Oi Polloi from 10:00 on Thursday the 15th of March here.


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