Supreme/Stone Island SS16

I daren’t go on instagram and check what people are saying about this. There are 42 year old lads out there acting like self-appointed guardians of the compass patch who I don’t doubt will have serious issues with this.

Lads, it’s not for you. Supreme and Stone Island don’t see you as sitting comfortably in their demographic. It’s not that they think you’re a dick, they just don’t dig the bedspread casual scene. Plus, why should they be fussed when this will sell out and be on eBay at a mad markup within hours? It’ll sell out, but it’s not selling out the brand. It’s 2016.

My tuppence worth is this… I love that it exists, but it’s not for me either. I appreciate it but don’t feel the need to be partizan about it. I like the stripey sweats (a lot) but they’ll probably cost me lots of money/my long term relationship. For now, I’m happy to look at the pictures and avoid instagram.

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  5. Neil Summers
  6. Mark Smith
  7. terry farley
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