Swine Magazine Ltd Edition T-shirt

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Swine Magazine was the cult web magazine at the very forefront of the kind of thing you’re reading now. Launched in 2005 before the internet was really the internet (it was on Tisacali ffs), the Swine collective wrestled with alien notions like HTML and hosting fees and produced what became a hugely influential ‘e-zine’.

A big influence on Proper and many, many others, Swine was essential reading in the days when it competed for bandwidth with MySpace and Friends Reunited, and now it’s back…sort of. A ‘Best of’ Swine has been put together with a number of the original contributors and the good people at the Sock Council, the delicious irony being that the OG web-zine is going to be coming-out in print, on paper with a cover and everything.

Curated and edited by Swine main man Phil Thornton, author of the sub-culture defining Casuals book, the mag will be out soon-ish (maybe Santa can bring you one). Keep your eyes open for plenty more about Swine in the forthcoming issues of our mag.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, The Swine crew and the Sock Council have produced a limited edition t-shirt featuring the classic Swine masthead, designed by someone who’s now a super swanky US-based advertising magnate. It comes in three colours, is t-shirt shaped and made from cotton, be the envy of everyone by ordering yours from here

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