Take a hiding – The RÆFOUND MVP Parka

Stationed at the forefront of sustainability since day dot, Christopher Raeburn is keener than most to ensure his part in this thing we call fashion is one with a conscience. Many brands indulge this nagging need to do the right thing by simply using recycled fabrics to construct new clothing. Raeburn is familiar with this process, of course, but that’s not the extent of his resourcefulness.

With an enviable archive of mint militaria its no surprise to see unused deadstock garments given a new lease of life, tweaked here and edited there. Sourced personally by Christopher Raeburn, this strong piece of outerwear is of French origin and boasts a multi-terrain camo pattern. Keep your “I can’t see it” jokes to yourself btw.

The RÆFOUND MVP Parka is fully seam-taped, waterproof yet breathable, made for military use, repurposed for you to look great with far less impact on the environment.

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