Tango Shell Jacket from Pleasures

This ripstop and honeycomb nylon jacket is the business from Pleasures.

What’s your go-to mental image when you hear the word ‘tango’? If you’re from South America you may default to the ballroom dance characterised by marked rhythms and…

…abrupt pauses. If you grew up in the north of England, the word may take your mind to fizzy orange drinks and the king of playground footballs from adidas. Or maybe you just went straight to the phonetic alphabet, you big nerd.

Well, where you should have gone, and no doubt will in future, is straight to this nifty nylon shell jacket from Pleasures. Crafted in contrasting block colours and featuring two zip pockets, embroidered logos and reflective panels under the arms, you’ll be suitably equipped as we head into the most changeable of seasons.

It’s available online from John Anthony. But, if you’re in the Swindon area, why not pop in store to purchase with hard currency? That way, you can stick your change in the pocket and leave the shop with Tango and cash.

Buy now from John Anthony

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