Tasty Trainer Treats at Terraces – Asics EDR 78

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We love a bit of alliteration. We could have written an even longer title but you wouldn’t be impressed really would you? Tasty Trainer Treats to Traipse the Taxing Trail along Trent at Terraces. No? Forget it.

What have we got here though? Well, Asics are a brand whose story doesn’t get the credit it perhaps should. They’ve been doing their thing since nought plonk. Having established the Onitsuka Tiger brand way back in 1949, they eventually became part of the Asics brand in ’77 and have since made their mark with footwear in particular. As the world becomes more and more aware of the benefits of exercise, the trainer industry has grown along with it.

While Asics are a top option for actual running shoes, this EDR 78 style is perhaps more at home post-run, when you’re tentatively talking about toppling tables having taken a tincture of tennents.

Oh, I’ve done it again. Ignore me. Instead, check these out a little more closely at Terraces.

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I had pizza for tea.

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