Ten pairs of trousers to see you through summer

It might be the height of summer but there is never a bad time to talk trousers. That’s an actual Chinese proverb, probably. Having experienced the harsh reality of lockdown weight gain I know I’m not alone in needing something new in the legwear department and it was with this in mind I formulated this handy guide to help you comfortably cope.

There are many types of trouser for many an occasion. Some are suitable for several settings. For example, a good pair of golfing pants is versatile, though you always have to buy two pairs in case you get a hole in one. There are trousers that fasten with velcro, but they can sometimes be a rip-off. What about the trousers with five leg openings? They fit like a glove. Then finally, there are short pants, which are more associated with chronic asthmatics (I am one). That’s a joke about not being able to breathe very well, btw.

Dad humour done with, let’s put our serious fashion face on and recommend some actual trousers, with an emphasis on utility, comfort and overall casual style.

Polo Ralph Lauren Athletic Nylon Climbing Trousers

Is there an item of clothing Ralph Lifschitz’s brand can’t do well? Don’t spend too long thinking about the answer, because it’s probably ‘no’. Though not normally associated with actual performance sportswear, Ralph Lauren have every right to release their own take on what is probably a pretty American look. Comfortable climbing kecks rolls off the tongue, too. Even in RL’s own native NY accent. Apart from the kecks bit.

Procure a pair from John Anthony here

Gramicci Loose Tapered Pant

Had to be in here, these. Created by Californian climber Mike Graham in his garage in 1982, these are widely acknowledged as the original climbing trouser. With extra room in the areas most men need it, these have long since crossed over into everyday wear, enjoying a surge in appreciation in recent years especially. They look smart, feel comfy and manage to do those two things without descending into the scruffy territory other trousers fall into.
Grab your Gramicci from Yards here

Patagonia GI Pant

You know where you are with Patagonia, perhaps the best example of a genuine outdoor gear company managing to cross over into every day wear. The fact they literally give millions away to charity is a good reason to like them. The fact they make really nice, well-priced, hard-wearing clothing is another.

Score some at Oi Polloi here

Kestin Inverness Trousers

Kestin knows the score. These Italian cotton/nylon trousers are made in Portugal and boast a drawcord waist which as we’ve discussed is a real boon for the big bottomed amongst us. Just really nice trousers ideal for summer.

Yards have them here.

Uniform Bridge Cotton Fatigue Pants

Korean brand Uniform Bridge have appeared on the scene this last few years and have done so with minimum fuss. Their military-inpired look and feel makes them a winner with most people. With minimal branding they focus largely on just making good gear.

Purchase from Wellgosh here.

Orslow Easy Cargo Pants

Bouncing into view looking like something a paratrooper would wear on a really long early morning walk, these are another military-inspired effort from a brand which knows the score.

Swipe a pair from Fresh Store here

The North Face Box Track Trousers

Just when you thought this list was becoming predictable, a procession of olive, military green and khaki trousers which are hard to choose between….BANG… In come these absolute rascals. I file these under “I like that they exist” which loosely translates into “I could never get away with wearing these but I wish I could.”

Get yours in the sale at 18montrose.

Uniqlo Relaxed Fit Jersey Trousers

You can always rely on Uniqlo to provide pants with a perfect price point. Try saying that after a few pints of echo falls, or whatever it is you drink. At under £20 you can’t beat these.

Instore an online here

Edwin Manoeuvre Pant

A baggy, relaxed fit, these Edwin trousers are pretty much perfect for your summer-into-autumn steez. That necessary adjustable waist comes as standard, while the cropped length means you’re fairly on-trend too.

These plus more at Edwin’s own online store.

adidas Beckenbauer Track Pants

This list couldn’t possibly be complete without a pair of these. Whether you choose to go with a Sunday scruffbag on the sofa style, or something more considered, they work however you’d like tbh. Every wardrobe requires something that does this job.

Get some from Aphrodite

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