Terraces Stocks New Balance in Summer Fog

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Summer Fog is the perfect name to describe my current mental state. Like, where the fuck did that go? There were a few festivals, yeah, but not until about halfway through the summer. It was basically an extended spring and now all of a sudden it’s autumn. Life really moves wild like that. 

The other colour – aside from Summer Fog – on NB’s 327 balance sheet is Captain Blue, which is almost as hilarious as Summer Fog. That’s one confident blue; the most blue of all the blues. The captain. 

If you look at the 327, there’s actually blue, yellow, orange, black, green, and red – but you can’t summarise all of that in one succinct colourway. They should’ve called it the kaleidoscope. New Balance, do you need a new fashion writer? 

Grab the rainbow-infused kaleidoscope 327 from Terraces. 

New Balance 327 at Terraces

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