The North Face collaborates with Travis Weller for limited-edition VECTIV™ trail running shoes

Inspired by the world’s oldest 100-mile trail race, these ravishing runners are the brainchild of San Francisco-based artist come, endurance athlete, Travis Weller. He’s teamed up with The North Face to create a limited edition VECTIV™ collection that captures the colour and beauty of the legendary Western States 100 route. Starting in Olympic Valley, California, and ending 100.2 miles later in Aubern, California, this time-honoured tradition has taken place on the last weekend of June each year since 1977 stirring the spirit of runners from all walks of life, who travel the globe to take part.

The gruelling trail is defined by a number of distinctive landscapes, all with their own unique personalities that bring out the unique personalities of the brave individuals who chose to take on the race. Weller’s designs represent a colourful story based on these specific environments, exploring the emotions that runners may experience whilst traversing the course.

“Trail running brings clarity into my life. Colour is seen more vibrantly on mountaintops. Emotion is felt more deeply in the forest. These abstractions in the wild are the foundations of my work and for this collaboration.” 

With these standout sections in mind Weller has channeled these intimate colours into his designs, the VECTIV™ Infinite captures the warm colours of the wildflowers in the glowing high country, whilst the Flight Series™ VECTIV™ represents the dust and the dirt of the blazing canyons. Each design tells a different story representative of the great race but which pair will you don next time you take to the trails?

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