TGD Test Drive Orsman

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When Orsman went live on the Great Divide site a couple of months back I was proper into it. I still am.

So when these shots of Orsman being road tested popped into our inbox it was an obvious choice to feature.

I always think it sounds daft when brands or retailers describe their clothing as ‘really wearable’. Like, duh, what else are you gonna do other than wear it? Of course it’s wearable.

But you know what? Orsman is really wearable. Really comfy fit, day to day clothing that everyone should buy.

With that in mind, head to The Great Divide for a closer look.

orsman_at_the_great_divide_1 orsman_at_the_great_divide_2 orsman_at_the_great_divide_3 orsman_at_the_great_divide_4 orsman_at_the_great_divide_5


I had pizza for tea.

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