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The majority of what we write about tends to come from that massive city 200 miles away. I forget the name of it. Begins with an ‘L’ and they have trains in the drains.

Closer to home, Manchester is a fraction of that distance away and there’s plenty going on, but our hometown of Stockport has been in the doldrums for years. Sitting sullenly in the shadow of its more auspicious neighbour, Stockport is a mix of Manc machismo and bygone Cheshire.

Recently though, the old marketplace and the streets which surround it have enjoyed a bit of a resurgence. Various events, bar refurbs and the rebranding of the area as ‘Stockport Old Town’ has got people talking about, at least locally. There’s a long way to go before it can rival the big city down the road, but great strides have been made. Speaking of great strides though, and even greater jackets to match, there’s now somewhere to buy nice clothes.

That North sells nearly new and outright vintage clothing for lads of a certain persuasion. The legend that is Massimo Osti hangs heavy on the rails of That North, with some outstanding and rare Left Hand occupying pride of place in the shop. Stone Island and C.P Company also take their place amongst a curious collection of casual classics. Naturally, CasualCo is prominent too.

The people behind the place are time served football lads. There’s no need to shy away from that at all. They were wearing much of the stuff they stock the first time around, and continue to do so. Like the clothing they stock, they’re the real deal.

Currently, you can (and should) follow them on Facebook, with other social media and perhaps a website following in due course.

For now, it’s just nice to have somewhere that sells properly ace coats on our doorstep.

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I had pizza for tea.

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  1. Swiggy how u getting on .like the thatnorth bro .some quality Davie wear .long time no see .

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