The best sportswear that isn’t really sportswear

Sportswear is the broadest of terms. If you’re going to the gym, you’ll grab your sportswear. If you’re knocking about at home you’ll probably be wearing some version of sportswear. Even at work, maybe a bit of sportswear?

Point is, much of what we wear for leisure today has its roots in sporting goods. Many of our favourite brands are comfortable introducing the comfort of sportswear to their ranges so we thought it was high time we shone a small torch on some of them.

We start with some stateside stunners from our mates at Adsum. Seems like this sort of thing might just be a bit of a trend.
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Norse Projects
Norse Projects began making really nice basics and they could have gone the route of other streetwear brands, pursuing luxury and higher price points. Their understated Danish aesthetic remains, refined and reworked and reliable as ever.
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The Star Master is one of those timeless shoes that has that handmade look and feel. I’ve been to their factory. Mad, it was. Like a step back in time.
Oi Polloi have them here

Admiral Sporting Goods Co.
Possibly the most fitting embodiment of the title of this post, this ASG track top is just the kind of thing you’d have found Admiral making in the 1950s and 1960s, but with technology having moved on, the appetite for a well-made, honest piece of sportswear shouldn’t be left underappreciated. Also, use the code PROPER15 to get 15% off.
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FRESH Crepe Cotton Brick Red Sweater
We know them for their work selling other brands, plus some winning collabs with those brands, but now they’re doing their own thing and we’re very much here for it.
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Gramicci Shorts Tee
Ok, so Gramicci is a lifestyle brand that was born out of the climbing scene, which it could be argued makes it a sport-inspired brand. I’m not here for rules though. What I am here for is a t-shirt that celebrates shorts.
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Probably the most fitting of the ‘sportswear that isn’t sportswear’ title. Founded by Osti, whose brands such as Stone island and C.P. Company were described as sportswear, this one was relaunched at the end of last year and boasts that luxury Italian look and feel.
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adidas Socks
Maybe the most fitting of the title ‘sportswear’, these crew socks have a happy home in most chests of drawers. Whether you’re pulling them up and appropriating a Cholo-lite look, or wearing them slightly rumpled on the beach, there’s always a place for this type of sock. Add in perhaps the best sports logo ever and, well, you get the idea.

An honest-to-goodness sports brand makes some really nice running shoes, and they suddenly become really popular. Even if they look like something a robot made out of hot chocolate machines would wear to a HIIT class. Which is obviously a good thing.
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