The Black Project Capandula – 6876 x Our Culture x The Casual Connoisseur


As far as jacket porn goes, this is a very appealing threesome.

It’s three brands of different backgrounds but a clear common interest. It’s touching bases all over the show.

All three brands sit outside the normal cyclical conventions of fashion, preferring to create, promote and release their stuff organically, on their own terms rather than to fit in with the tradeshow circuit. They make their own rules.

At the heart of this is pure autonomy and independence. CasualCo have uttered the phrase “We do what we like and we like what we do” but it’s a phrase which could apply to all three.

The spirit of Scandinavia comes to the project from Our Culture who have locked horns with Mamnick and The Casual Connoisseur before.





We know all about CasualCo, but if you’re in the dark as to what makes them tick, this interview we did should give you the lowdown.


And of course, there’s 6876 who we’ve written about extensively both online and in print, as far back as when we printed our magazine on a £40 printer in my own loft.

All those factors are what make the jacket so appealing, but there’s more. To the untrained, uncultured eye it’s “just a black jacket” but it’s a new take on a modern classic. To those who know, the Capandula is the archetypal post-casual, post-lad coat of choice. Look on eBay and if you’re lucky enough to find any of the various versions down the years, you’ll pay pretty much the original RRP to make it yours. Says a lot, that.

There’s a saying that good design is never finished and this is the case with the Capandula. There’s always room to add something, tweak something. This one comes in ventile, arguably elevating it above any of its predecessors. Sure, the colour will help you blend in rather than stand out, but that shouldn’t be any surprise given it’s part of 6876’s Black Project. If you’re after something that shouts “Look at me, I like coats”, then maybe this isn’t the one.

But if you’re looking for something which strides forward, head up, chest out, confidence personified, yet with no brash, gobby showing off, then this is the one. It’s one for those who know.

Available now/soon at 6876, The Casual Connoisseur and Our Culture, with subtle differences in design for the latter two.

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