The Crossing of Antarctica (Thames & Hudson)

If you’re a fan of really nice jumpers/coats/sno-cats and derring do carried out  in sub-zero temperatures then hang on as I’ve just found the best book ever.

CROSSING‘The Crossing of Antartica: Original Photographs from the Epic Journey that Fulfilled Shackleton’s Dream’ tells a visually dramatic tale of perhaps the coolest polar expedition ever taken, in both senses of the word. Vivian ‘Bunny’ Fuchs’ 1957/8 crossing of Antartica was one of the 20th century’s most impression quests ‘a powerful expression of technological daring as much as a testament of sheer, bloody-minded human willpower’. Lucky for us Everest veteran George Lowe was there capturing all the frost-tinged adrenalin on his camera and has now opened up his archive as have the Fuchs family to put together this heroic and beautifully put together book. Added to intrepid collection of images comes input from other polar experts such as our old mate Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Peter Fuchs, Jonathan Shackleton, Børge Ousland, Sebastian Copeland, Ken Blaiklock, Felicity Aston and Paul Dalrymple. Now time for you start your own intrepid expedition up into the loft  to dig that Cabourn parka out without getting crushed under a perilous towers of old trainer boxes and old VHS cassettes. Buy a copy HERE.


Sir Edmund Hillary and Sir Vivian Fuchs melt a chunk of ice in their tent for tea © The George Lowe Collection
Vivian ‘Bunny’ Fuchs’ Sno-Cat Rock’n’Roll becomes jammed nose first in the far wall of a deep crevasse © The George Lowe Collection
George Lowe taking a portrait of a penguin © Jon Stephenson


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