The Good Measure Gelato Pack is So Sweet for Spring

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Got some of those Jack Duckworth plants delivered to the office this morning. What? Jack Duckworth… Hello Vera/Aloe Vera? No. Sorry.
Made a right mess. Jason was beside himself.

Anyway, it was a signal, as if we needed one, that Spring is in the air and subsequently also in our step.

It’s always a challenge for brands shooting their warm weather gear when it’s not really warm yet. Some head off to sunnier climes, whereas others insert their tongue into their cheek. That’s what our mates at Good Measure have done. Swimming pools and sugary sorbets need not be a leap into the future, they’re here, now. Good Measure have brought them forward.

Their Gelato pack inserts some sweet flavour into your wardrobe through an unsurprisingly gorgeous range of cotton clothing. Tees, sweats, hoodies all feature and as ever, they’re made here in the UK.

Is that the ice cream man in the next street?

See more here.

I had pizza for tea.

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