The Great Divide AW Lookbook

The Great Divide know the score. Just when everyone is talking about massive coats with hoods that could smother a small pet to death, TGD have gone a step cooler.

This Autumn/Winter lookbook is all about layering and very, very classic styles. Not a whiff of hikerdelia or 90s acid casual. Nope, these are garments that would look great no matter what decade you wore them. Sometimes the model looks like he’s about to sit down at a piano in 1952 and play the best jazz you’ve ever heard. Other times he looks like the coolest kid in a 1960s Ivy League college. Brands like TSPTR, Red Wing and Ebbets underpin the whole thing. These are all looks which were born in the post-WW2 boom and as such, their austerity has aged well. No gimmicks, just good, old fashioned clothes, worn well.

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I had pizza for tea.

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