The Great Divide SS14: She Wears it Well

the_great_divide_ss14_lookbook_lee_goldup_2Does your girlfriend/wife/carer have the annoying knack of looking better in most of your gear than you do? Well for fuck’s sake don’t let her see this or all your jumpers are gonna end up with ‘tit bumps’ in them. Bored of seeing blokes in beards modelling the latest gear those creative clever clogs over at the Great Divide decided to drape a bit of menswear on a hot girl for a change. Adorned in seasonal sensations such as Our Legacy, Soulland , T.D.T, Elka, Garbstore, B.W.G.H, Armorlux and lightning Bolt you have to agree that indeed she wears it well don’t you? Oh well, that’s it now, our wardrobes are free for the female taking. At least being a size 13 I know my footwear stash is safe from by better looking/dressed other half. Nice one Great Divide!






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