The Hip Store; Making you miss paying rent with Ten C and Arc’teryx Veilance


Oh, hiyer. Me again. Just a quick one, Hip have got some new stuff in from Ten C and Arc’teryx Veilance, and they are big, massive fans of it.

(Yeah, you’re right, Ten C does sound like that tribute band that play on a Sunday every now and then in that pub your dad goes in. And, yeah, the other one does sound like it belongs in your cupboard under the sink. Mental, isn’t it?!)

Anyway, they are neither of those things, they are actual clothes that you can wear over and under other clothes to keep yourself warm.

The standout piece from Ten C is the shearling liner which is gonna take your #layering game to another dimension and probably break your instagram – you will probably end up on Neil’s Tumblr. It fits under any other of the brand’s jackets and therefore gives you a bit more longevity for the – let’s be honest – rather large initial outlay (read; expensive and getting bollocked off the missus for not being able to have a hot shower or put the heating on, again).

Although, those down liners are pretty decent too; I wouldn’t mind having one of those myself and keeping the cold off my back. Actually, the more I think about this, the more it makes sense to spunk gas money on clothes and not bother putting the heating on.

If you’re after something a little more understated but loaded with all important minor details – or perhaps even to go with your more out-there liners from the lads formerly of CP and SI, I mentioned earlier – you could do much worse than check out these coats called ‘Field Jackets’ from Arc’teryx Veilance, which come in both Black and Neptune – the latter being a pretty out-there colour name for such a simple and minimal jacket. Though, if you’re getting in on these as well as some Ten C liners, you probably aren’t gonna be eating, never mind enjoying luxuries like having the lights on and being able to look at the clothes on your body.

Get involved over at Hip. Link below the images.

Spare us a tin of beans, will yer? It’s fine, I’ll eat them cold.


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