The Monocle Guide To Better Living

themonocleguidetobetterliving_pressphoto_frontIn this world of rolling news reports, where we’re reminded of death, destruction and all the negative stuff happening in the world on an hourly loop, it’s easy to become get on a downer about things.

Thankfully to re-address this sad slanted balance we have Monocle magazine and their timely manual on better living to show us that it’s not all bad stuff happening out there. Within these classy yellow bindings you’ll find a transglobal bucket list of the best places to visit, things to do, products to buy and cultures to mimic. Take chapter six for example, titled ‘Happiness’ it provides all manner of unexpected advice such as eschewing internet porn in favour of old school saucy books, vintage German beach buggies, Shiba ken dogs making the ideal pet and Swedish wooden butter knives. Though the most heart-warming thing I discovered in this charming chapter was the class of Japanese primary school children who get to roll down a hill several times a day as part of their regular curriculum. Thank-you Monocle, you’ve already made me feel better about life just by reading this unashamedly optimistic and boldly aspirational book. Buy it HERE.






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