The North Face Black Label – Box Canyon Jacket

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This week is the week I finally get myself into the storage unit and dig out all my massive coats… but wait… do I even need them?

Well, of course I do. But these North Face Black Label efforts at Working Class Heroes caught my eye and made me wonder if there’s a stash of fivers and tenners in storage too. There isn’t, but my perennial pursuit of something nice to put on my back shows no signs of slowing down. Anyone know how much a pair of 38 year old eyes are worth. I can manage without them can’t I?

Coats eh? Bloody flipping coats.

See more of these at Working Class Heroes.

tnfaw16jacket2 tnfaw16jacket1 tnfaw16jacket23 tnfaw16jacket25 tnfaw16jacket24

I had pizza for tea.

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