The North Face Does Top Boy & Peaks

The seasons are changing. It’s mild and then it isn’t and it’ll probably snow in March. That means that it’s probably always the season to buy a puffer coat – it definitely still is now. 

The North Face’s Himalayan Down Parka comes in a blood red and a regal, deep purple, both of which are full to the metaphorical brim with enough down to insulate Britain. 

The colours are boldly juxtaposed against black blocks and sleeves, which give the jackets a serious, moody tone, which has been zoomed in on by Oi Polloi’s photography, perfectly demonstrating how the Himalayan Parka is suited not just to Scafell’s Pike but the new series of Top Boy, too. 

Whether it’s the estate or the peaks, the concrete or protection from sleet, TNF has you covered.

TNF at Oi Polloi.

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