The North Face Purple Label SS17

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The North Face have made some gear that means I’ll be eating Tesco’s 8p noodles and 25p vegetable soups for next month or so.

Their Purple Label SS17 stuff is the type you’ll probably have to hide from the missus for now – keep it in the garage or summit – but in the long run it’ll all be worth it. I mean, look at that white 65/35 Mountain Parka and tell me honestly that you wouldn’t put your entire relationship on the line for that. Exactly.

As with their previous Purple Label drop, this collection keeps its minimalistic approach, but keeps as much function as it does form. As well as really great coats, SS17 includes a few light jackets, a nifty breathable vest, a few really nice backpacks, some more Parkas and some right good fleeces.

See the full range here and spend all your hard earned money on stuff to make you look cool.

Absolutely well into house plants.

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