The North Face Red at Slam Jam Socialism

The year 1966 may be notable for moon landings and England being ok at football for once, but the real significant event that year was the formation of The North Face.

Taking its name from what is usually the coldest, most perilous route up a mountain (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway), the brand was founded in San Francisco by Douglas Tompkins and his wife Susie. Keen conservationists, they aimed their gear squarely at the outdoor community and enjoyed enough success to sell what was then just a two store operation to Kenneth ‘Hap’ Klopp. Then the story of the The North Face really picked up pace. Few brands can count on such a rigid reputation for well-made, hard-working, ethically-minded clothing.

As the brand spread its wings and took flight around the world, it found favour with people who perhaps didn’t really fancy a tough climb in adverse weather conditions, even if they liked the sound of it. And it is via this long lineage the Made in Italy gear you see before you came into being. This collection takes very direct inspiration from the innovations which came about from the outdoor lifestyle, yet aims to look great outside that setting. Take this very smart Mountain Crew Neck for example. It looks great, you’d wear it on the terraces, to the pub or perhaps while visiting an elderly relative. Look, I don’t know or care what you do with your time, but I do know you require something that is really comfy to wear while doing it. And this is where this gear comes in. The whole collection is well dreamy and very much in keeping with the core DNA of TNF, IMO.

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