The North Face’s “Urban Exploration Icons”

Shock. The North Face are doing mega coats again. Outerwear is supposedly tricky, but they make it look well easy.

Taking inspiration from the their 1960’s and ‘70s OG silhouettes, here they’ve devised a modern upgrade to create their “Urban Exploration Icons” collection.

The first model that derives from the original McMurdo Expedition Jacket – called Mountain Murdo this time around and available in navy or grey – has been reworked with a narrower cut and a more weather resistant build for the Doris days.

Their Denali Thermoball that features is actually pretty street for The North Face. It includes a half-zip quilted anorak parka with an adjustable hem, plus a hidden zip chest pocket – a perfect place to stash your weed.

Always remember that The North Face isn’t just clothes for your old man or those families that go on afternoon walks, it’s for us all to share.

Head over to The North Face’s website to nab some of it yourself and make sure you’re the coolest and trendiest kid on your block.


Absolutely well into house plants.

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