The Oi Polloi Winter Sale

The good people at Oi Polloi have once again lowered their sale prices, reducing the demands of the dreaded ducatos to mere imitations of their former figures. In other words: it’s all a lot cheaper than it once was and they’ve expanded the range of clobber to include everything from Carhartt construction to Taion Down Pants, which, in Oi Polloi’s word, are the perfect attire to equip you for a late night trip to Hulme’s ASDA’s freezer section. 

Oi Polloi’s insta post sums it all up:

“Not sure what else we need to say here… do you not like bargains or something? Get stuck in!”

You heard the boss: head to Oi Polloi’s site for a winter bargain. 

BIG SALE at Oi Polloi.

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