The Rap Year Book by Shea Serrano; 240 hopefully not non-existent pages of über-hype.

I’m guessing you’re a fan of Four Pins. Proper did it first, but that doesn’t detract from the funny shit they post every day. Plus, they understand that half the gear we like the look of, we will never spunk a week’s wage on for a single jumper. I mean, this isn’t the mid-90s and we aren’t living in a Phil Thornton’s Casuals type world anymore. We’re still in recession FFS.

Regardless, I spent $20 on a book I knew next to nothing about, this week. The reason The Rap Year Book by Shea Serrano is supposedly on its way across the Atlantic to me is purely because his twitter account is straight up hilarious and he’s basically emotionally blackmailed me into getting it. That and the fact that I like rap music and pretty pictures.

Serrano has instigated a relentless onslaught of self-driven twitter hype over the past few weeks but he’s managed to keep it funny enough to stop me hitting the unfollow button and the whole thing is generally pretty entertaining.

Also generally entertaining are his Four Pins posts; filled with digression, humorous asides and obscure references. All of this is promising to make a pretty special run down of the most important hip-hop track of each year since 1979. Even if it isn’t that funny – which it will be – he has won awards and stuff for his music criticism, so it should be interesting if nothing else.

Though, be warned; I pretty much only have his twitter feed and a supposed Amazon reference number as proof that I haven’t dropped $20 into a trans-Atlantic phishing scam. If it does arrive I’ll let you know.

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