The return of Palace Skateboards x Reebok

8 years after announcing their relationship to the world, Palace and Reebok are ready to take things to the next level. And next level it is, in my humblest of opinions. Ok, so they’re not exactly breaking the mould but why would you when the mould is quite literally a classic? The Newport Classic aka NPC is to Reebok what the Stan Smith is to adidas or the Wimbledon is to Nike. The tennis club motif hints at the heritage of this austere shoe, worn by McEnroe and Becker to name but two racquet protagonists. The footwear comes in several colours and forms the centrepiece of a collection which also encompasses socks, hats and sweatshirts.

By the time you’re reading this it’s probably sold out, but with the reseller market being what it is, you’ll just have to pay for your tardiness by raiding that piggy bank/bitcoin account and digging that bit deeper.

Available 11am, 2/4 from

Palace Reebok NPC from PALACE on Vimeo.

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