The Rig Out #3 is here

The third issue of the excellent Rig Out Magazine features some of the greatest garments money can buy, and a genuine record breaker. In these times of cyber show offs and every man and his goldfish blogging about clothing, it’s refreshing to see people doing things the old fashioned way for all the right reasons. It’s far from a gimmick or a point of difference thing though. The Rig Out 3 is put together by clued up people who appreciate real things of integrity and substance and that shines through.

While the internet is now engrained into our daily routines, there’s still something to be said for physical items. In previous issues The Rig Out talked the talk, but this autumn/winter themed issue 3 walks the walk, with crampons on.

An amazing photoshoot in the Norwegian wilderness is down to brilliant Boltonians Glenn Kitson and Antony Crook and the whole thing is put together by creative genius Andy Bird. In addition to the Norway shoot, there are some great pics of some snappy items for the weather turning nasty. The involvement of Manchester’s Oi Polloi is evident, with their own shop staff showing off the clothes- a nice touch of authenticity. World Record holding cyclist James Bowthorpe steals the show though, as he cycles around the mountains then promptly climbs them, all looking effortlessly cool. He’s the real deal, is James and it shows. No boys wearing make up here, just honest people wearing honest clothes. It’s great. Buy it.

Available from in the UK, and stateside. Plus the WP Lavori shops in Florence and Milan and Levi’s XX stores in Paris and Tokyo. Next stop the moon.


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