The Significance of Classic Chuck Taylors in Today’s Men’s Sneakers Market


Sam Diss of Fashion Beans wrote an article that forecasted what would be the most talked about men’s trainers trend this year. Based on the piece, 2015 was the year rubber shoes, or sneakers, really hit it big. Aside from the obvious comfort and reliability, these shoe designs tickled the fancies of gentlemen everywhere for their upgraded styles – with some even highlighting state-of-the-art features. Among those well-loved sneakers are, of course, those ever-reliable Converse.

Now when talking about sneakers, the first pair that comes to mind are these timeless pieces-of-art more commonly known as Chuck Taylors. According to Chucks Connection, Chucks, as most people would call them, are the brainchild of a former shoe salesman turned basketball player who went by the same name. Back then; they were primarily made for the Converse All-Stars, or the company’s industrial league basketball team. Fast-forward to almost a century later, many people still rock these bad boys, although not in an athletic sense anymore.


Today, “classic” and “adaptable” are some of the perfect adjectives for Chucks. As a matter of fact, fashion ecommerce brand Lyst puts the low-top versions as legitimate old-school must-haves. By now you’re probably wondering how these Chuck Taylor designs continue its significance in the mainstream market, considering the resurgence of throwback Air Jordans and the exclusivity of expensive Yeezy branded sneakers. However, upon looking closely, you’ll realize how Converse effectively incorporated contemporary qualities while still maintaining its ageless, time-bending appeal.

Woven shoe designs are definitely making a splash this 2016, and Converse is no exception. You see an array of styles, from low-cut Deck Star 67 slip-ons to hi-top Chuck Taylor 70s, in varied materials including suede and leather. Speaking of low-cuts, this year also carries on the wave of skate-style shoes, which the aforementioned brand has in those sweet Jack Purcells. This design is like the long lost little cousin of Chucks, especially when it comes to blurring the lines between smart and casual shoes. Since we’re on the subject, last, but certainly not the least, if Nike and Adidas have (or had) Michael Jordan and Kanye West, respectively, Converse has Chuck Taylor and Jack Purcell. These collaborations, regardless of the brand, continue to set trends, as well as redefine a vast and an all-encompassing men’s sneakers collection.

All things considered, no one can deny how Converse’s Chuck Taylors remain as one of the go-to, most famous and dependable pairs in the world. These timeless pieces may not be as exclusive as the likes of Jordans or Yeezys, but it gets the job done in terms of providing utmost comfort and reliability.


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