Ticket Tout Chic

Love em or hate em ticket touts serve a purpose and I’ve only been ripped off once. A group of us bought tickets for the Killers off some touts that were waiting at the platform at Shepherds Bush tube. My Millwall supporting mates recognised them from the Den so we happily paid our £40 only to be told they were fake when we tried to get in. We then sold them on to some student looking kids for £25, not my proudest (or most financially astute) moment but I levelled it with myself that they were next in line in the food chain and the Killers are fucking rubbish (I was only going for “All These Things…….”) so I was probably doing them a favour.

I think we got the idea to sell them because one of my mates got “accused” of being a fake selling tout. Granted he did have an Aquascutum duffel coat on so looked the part. Back then the touts did seem to have a bit of a look, a decent jacket, normally Barbour, a pair of crisp Reeboks and a flat cap. These days their get up has gone a bit down hill but maybe that’s because all the old touts started the thieving cunt websites like Seatwave (a proper tout has never added fucking VAT and a service charge after I thought I’d bought the ticket) and are driving round in Bentleys rather than freezing their bollocks off outside Brixton Academy.

Anyway, I liked the old school tout look. You can get the Barbour and Lacoste caps from Pavillion, and the Nanamica & Stone Island coats from Oi Polloi.

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