Timberland 3 Eyelet Classic

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The Timberland 3 Eyelet Classic is an aptly named piece of footwear that’s up there with the Burlington sock, the Levi’s 501, the white t-shirt and the sheepskin flying jacket. All of which happen to also be key components of the paninaro look. With an additional shout going out to Timberland’s 6-inch boot that were equally important back as the the 3 Eyelet back in those heady Milanese muffin munching days. I reckon back then if you were buzzing around town on your scrambler then you’d go for the Timberland boots but if you were taking out a bella donna for a slap up sandwich based supper then you’d definitely opt for the much suaver 3-eyed moccasin option. Made from premium leather and handsewn the 3 eyelet is an enigma with 360 degree laces, meaning it’s the perfect balance between smart and casual with the added bonus of being something you could actually wear onboard a yacht without going headfirst into the Adriatic when things get choppy.

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